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Katаrzyna Estate

21 February 2008
Тhat is so strange that such a small place can accommodate a whole universe – this paraphrase of Leonardo da Vinci quote connoisseurs of beauty and wine recalled at the opening of a true masterpiece of the wine industry in Bulgaria – Katаrzyna Estate. The wine cellar is in the sunniest
part of the country near the village of Mezek and the town of Svilengrad immediately next to the Greek border. The Winery was opened by Mr. Georgi Parvanov,
President of the Republic of Bulgaria and Mr. Christoff Trilinsky, Director General of Belvedere S.A., France and owner of Katаrzyna Estate. The party was attended by representatives of Ministries,Ambassadors, winery owners. Opera singer Ventseslav Atanasov bridged the gap between wine and art, and Enjoy Salon Music Trio added further charm to the aroma of ripe grapes in the vineyards surrounding the chateau.
The vineyards of Katаrzyna Estate are situated at the foot of Eastern Rhodopi Mountains and have an area of 3 650 decares. The landscape is a breathtaking mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Mavrud, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier,and Malbec and Tempranillo grown as an experiment. Investment in the
establishment of this modern winery, which started in 2003, amounts to EUR 12 million.
Katarzyna Estate will provide over 500 jobs and will be processing about 1 600 t of grapes, with wine maturing in stainless steel vessels and French oak barrels. Soon there will also be a luxury restaurant and hotel to accommodate guests of the wine palace. The goal pursued by the ambitious team of Katаrzyna Estate consisting of reputable Bulgarian wine experts and renowned consultants like
Thierry Haberer is to establish the winery as a prestigious bottled wine maker. Bottling of wine has already started and one of the red wines won the admiration of wine guru Robert Parker at a wine tasting session in Bordeaux in March of this year. The awards collection already consists of 2 gold, 4 silver medals and 5 medals in the category ‘Wine of the Year’, as well as the Golden Barrel Award of Pari Weekly for biggest foreign
investor in the wine industry of
Katаrzyna Estate’s success
– the latest project of
Belvedere S.A. – is now a fact, experts say. Currently, the French company specializing in the production and trading in wines and spirits has subsidiaries in 28 countries. In Bulgaria it is reprented by Belvedere Capital Management. The
total amount of investment of Belvedere in the Bulgarian wine sector since 2001 till now has been over EUR 15 million, excluding the investment in the construction of Katarzyna Estate.
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21 February 2008

Katаrzyna Estate

Тhat is so strange that such a small place can accommodate a whole unive...

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