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EXTRA DRY ROSE' "SERGIO" 2007 MIONETTO S.P.A. - VALDOBBIADENE Won Bronze Medal in the Vinitaly 2008 (Verona, 03 – 07 April 2008)

08 April 2008
Vinitaly is the landmark event for the Italian and international wine world.
The largest wine show in the world has progressively and increasingly become a mainstay even on an international scale by welcoming innovations and appealing to operators not only as a trade exhibition but also and especially as a full-scale reference "event".
This role has been developed over forty years of activity by accompanying the development of a sector that in turn has become the best ambassador of "Made in Italy" worldwide as the flagship of excellence in the quality agro-foods system.
Vinitaly this year will welcome 4,300 exhibitors coming from more than 30 countries over a net area of almost 87 thousand square metres and 150,000 visitors are expected (30% coming from more than 100 foreign countries) - further confirmation of its role as an exhibition at the service of companies. And today as never before - since it is the only show focusing on all the needs of all operators in the field: producers, importers, distributors, caterers, technicians, journalists and opinion leaders.
The Mionetto winery, producer of Prosecco, is located in the Veneto region of Italy. The Veneto is famous for the Prosecco grape and the ancient city of Venice. The Prosecco zone, located in the Veneto, is comprised of an area between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. This is the only place in the world where the Prosecco grape grows.

In the sunny hillsides just north of Venice lies Valdobbiadene: a generous land of ancient traditions where time seems to stand still and life proceeds at a peaceful rhythm. A land where everything - wine cellars and vineyards, taverns and ancient villas, churches and piazzas - is authentic, romantic and marked by a tradition of gracious hospitality and fine cuisine. Valdobbiadene, beloved by Trevisian and Venetian nobility of the past for its mild climate and breathtaking scenery, today is inextricably tied to its most famous product: wine from the Prosecco grape.

Sergio Mionetto, the master vintner and esteemed wine connoisseur, personally oversees every step of the processing, from grape-picking to bottling, thus ensuring the quality standards that have earned international recognition, awards and accolades.

The Valdobbiadene winemaker's art is full of long-standing traditions which the Mionetto Company has preserved, including the ancient custom of using string-tied corks, a rustic characteristic of the Valdobbiadene wines of the past lovingly maintained by Mionetto to this day.
GROUP 1 - Sparkling wines with autoclave fermentation (Charmat method)

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08 April 2008

EXTRA DRY ROSE' "SERGIO" 2007 MIONETTO S.P.A. - VALDOBBIADENE Won Bronze Medal in the Vinitaly 2008 (Verona, 03 – 07 April 2008)

Vinitaly is the landmark event for the Italian and international wine wo...

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Политиката ни за поверителност, както и въвеждането на ОРЗД – 25 май изискват от нас за да продължим да Ви предоставяме услуги след 25 май 2018 г., да получим конкретни разрешения от Вас, чрез Вашето съгласие да обработваме личните ви данни

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